Our Mission
Our primary mission is to provide young men and women the opportunities to embark upon their future endeavors through mentoring, tutoring and networking using the core principles of life skills development whille learning to participate in the game of golf.

How do we achieve this?

Consistent Behavior: Participants are mentored to develop behaviors to combat everyday situations by comparing the teachings of golf principles of a pre-shot routine that ensures a consistent preparation for having the correct grip, the appropriate stance for the given ball lie, proper body posture and the methods to align the body to the correct target.

Honesty and Trustworthness: Participants are constantly reminded that their actual competition is against the course and that they are to play by the rules set forth by the United States Golf Association (USGA). The rules of golf are there to provide the course with an means to be competitive and that participants must be honest with themselves as to the assessment of the appropriate penalty when in violation of the rules. Like wise, participants are reminded of the rules and regulations that they encounter at school are there for a purpose to prevent or to regulate a safe and productive environment for learning. When a rule is violated, a penalty is imposed according to the violations.

Setting Goals: Participants are encouraged to accurately score every round played to establish a comparable baseline for the next round of play. They are taught to evaluate each hole and to recall the circumstances that lead to the score obtained. They should determine the cause and affect of what lead to the errant shots  in order to better manage their play to lower their scoring. With their coach's assistance, they should select various drills to incorporate in their practice rountines that will instinctively improve their skill levels to overcome the hazzards imposed by the course.  Likewise in learning at school, participants must determine what is the cause of low scores in course work and conduct. They must seek out help to develop better study habits, seek tutoring in subjects were deficiencies are imperative and to rountinely compare the results while practicing these new skills.

College Preparation: We are aware and accept the fact that all participants will not necessarily be college bound. However, it is our goal to provide information and assistance to those who are: with completing applications, selecting a potential career path (major), completing the Federal Financial Aid Application  and identifying potential academic and athletic scholarship opportunities. Our ultimate goal is to prepare each participant with the golf skills necessary to be awarded a scholarship to attend colllege and to compete as a scholar athlete.

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