Youth Golf

501(c)3 Tax Exempt Organization
Principal Location: Azalea City Golf Course

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LIKE ME! Golf Exhibition/Clinic
A series of golf exhibitions/clinics will be conducted May 11th and 12th at Council Traditional, Craighead, Florence-Howard and Whitley Elementary Schools during PE Classes. Also, young men and Young women from area Boys and Girls Clubs of South Alabama will be treated exhibits and lessons at Azalea City Golf Course. The series of clinics are sponsored by Mobile County Commissioners Ludgood and Dueitt.
TGF is a 2023 Grant Recipient for:
County Commissioners Appropriation
      Ludgood- District 1
           Dueitt- District 3
Make Golf Your Thing
Sticks-For-Kids (GCBAA)
Fall 6 Week Clinics
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TGF featured in an article in the African American Golf Digest. Click to View.
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